Sunday, February 8, 2009

Like water instead of chocolate

With Valentine's Day approaching, I started thinking about all the flowers and chocolates that are being shipped all over the world, many of them rush orders. Before you run out and buy flowers shipped from half way around the earth, I offer a more earth-friendly alternative to profess your love. A $20 donation to Charity Water will provide safe drinking water to someone in a developing country for 20 years! There's no way $20 worth of flowers or chocolates will last that long!

If you want to buy flowers, you can check to make sure they're fair trade and not full of pesticides.

And here's a website that lists suppliers of organic and fair trade chocolate.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Green Power

Trying to "keep up with the Jones?" This New York Times article tells the story of how energy companies are using the power of comparison to inspire less energy consumption. I say no matter what someone's motivation is, if they use a little less energy, it's great.

You can also contact your local energy provider and request that your energy come from green power. Another good place to start is the US Department of Energy's green power network.